41250 Christian People in Martin, Kentucky, KY

Sometimes it is an emotional or spiritual healing, but there is always a healing in Kentucky KY Pilgrim Martin 41250

It’s amazing what we’ll get accomplished in Kentucky KY Pilgrim Martin 41250

They said, “We’re in trouble financially. We jumped into a house that we have no business living in 41250.  We’re way over our head. We saw this car that was this beautiful gold color, and we got into this lease.” And then they said, “Ed, the payment book is as thick as a Bible and we are in trouble.”

They had been married I think like three or four years and they didn’t have any real financial coaching and they were not living by a budget and they were like, “What do we do?”  They were the first couple that I ever dealt with in a counseling session that were just right behind the door of debt. It had been padlocked and they were screaming, “Help!” And I mean, if you’re coming to a pastor for that, you’re in some deep stuff!

Well, I talked to them about what the Bible says regarding what I’m going to talk to you about.  I talked to them about a plan.  And here is the biblical plan in 41250.  Let me just rush through it.


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41250 Pilgrim Martin Kentucky KY
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